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60 x 60 in, 152 x 152 cm
Unique print



Work completed January 2004.

Resolution of rendering: 12,000 by 12,000 pixels

Dimensions are for single panel prints; larger sizes (up to hundreds of square feet) are possible using other printing techniques. Please contact the studio for more information. All linear dimensions are given in the order of height, width and depth.



A small number of signed posters are available. Please contact Ken for more information.

Please contact the studio for more information regarding the availability and purchasing of works.

Group exhibitions

“The Art of Maya”; Mind Control Gallery (Curated); Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2005. A print of this work and prints of two selected details of the work were shown.


Taylor, Julie; Alias Systems Web Site; “The Maya 6 Signature Image”; April 2004.

Animation Magazine, NAB Edition; Cover Image; April 2004.

3D World magazine (UK), Alias advertisement; May 2004. The work appears in an advertisement on page 19.

Digit magazine (UK), table of contents image and two-page article spread; June 2004. The work appears on page 8 and pages 106–107.

Zahed, Ramin; Animation Magazine; “The Joy of Six”; Volume 18, Issue 9, Number 140; September 2004. The work appears on page 45.

Macworld; “A closer look: Maya Unlimited”; Volume 21, Issue 10; October 2004.

Wong, Fianna; Alias Community web site: “Behind the ScreenZ”; “Inspired by Nature”, an interview; May 2005. Appeared with the interview.


This work was completed using software provided under a grant from Alias Systems.

This work was rendered using software provided under a grant from mental images.

As of 27 March 2010

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